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Find Genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa

Whether you enjoy performing DIY repairs in Petaluma, or you prefer to leave automotive tasks to the professionals, Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa has the Mercedes-Benz parts that you need! From tires and brake pads to performance-enhancing features, our Santa Rosa dealership is dedicated to keeping your Mercedes-Benz model running at its peak performance. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz OEM parts, then reach out to our service center if you need help finding a specific Mercedes-Benz part or accessory.

Why Choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts?

If you’ve been searching for Mercedes-Benz parts online, you’ve likely come across third-party vendors selling Mercedes-Benz parts. While the price tag may seem appealing, there is a reason why you should purchase certified Mercedes-Benz parts from sellers like Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa.  Here’s a breakdown of the difference between genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts:

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts

  • They’re manufactured at the same locations where Mercedes-Benz models are manufactured. Thus, you can rest assured that their quality is exceptional.
  • Genuine OEM parts and accessories are custom-made to fit your specific model, so you never worry about the part compromising other interior components.

Aftermarket Parts

  • They’re manufactured in bulk, meaning that they’re made to fit a variety of vehicles.
  • While they cost less, it’s because they’re of lesser quality and the chances of them lasting as long as the original part, or even a genuine OEM replacement part, are very slim.
  • If your Mercedes-Benz needs to be repaired and the aftermarket part is the source of the issue, your warranty could potentially be voided.

Bottom Line: Genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM parts are worth the investment as they’re of much higher quality, are manufactured for your specific model, and don’t run the risk of voiding your warranty. Ultimately, if you’d like to spend less money in the long run, you always want to opt for genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.

Shop for Mercedes-Benz Parts Online With Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa

If you’re looking for reliable Mercedes-Benz OEM parts in the Windsor area, you can find what you need here at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa! Order your Mercedes-Benz parts online, or if you need assistance, reach out to one of our parts center experts at 707-542-4811. Also, don’t forget to browse our parts specials to get a great offer on the Mercedes-Benz OEM parts that you need. At Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa, we make regular Mercedes-Benz maintenance attainable for drivers in the Healdsburg area.

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