Get Facebook and Google in your Mercedes-Benz with Mbrace2

Have you ever wished you could scroll through your Facebook feed, find great eats with Yelp or search Google while waiting in your car? Some people might jump to their smartphone but Mercedes-Benz has revolutionized the car experience once again with their Mbrace2.

"It works seamlessly, automatically, and 24-7. I admit that [it] won't change the world, but it is a very real improvement in terms of independence," 1 Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, said in a keynote speech here at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The Mbrace2 is powered by a cloud based service from Hughes Telematics. Compatible with iOS and Android devises, sharing and updating will be seamless from phone to Mbrace2. Mbrace 2 launches with the MY13 SL-Class in the spring and will be standard in most MY13 passenger vehicles.

Because many car manufacturers have already incorporated apps like Facebook into their vehicles, Zetsche acknowledged that "seamless access is nice, but ... that's just what keeps you in the game today." 2

To that end, Mercedes showed off a concept known as Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE). In a video demo, a driver is seen kicking back in a spaceship-like vehicle, with information about surrounding locations shown on the windshield. Information is accessed by tapping the dashboard.

In the future, your car might also remind you to bring an umbrella because it will be raining at your destination three hours from now, Zetsche said.

Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa is excited to see all that Mbrace2 will have to offer. You can call and reserve yours today by calling (888) 431-4292 or stop by our dealership at 2881 Corby Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407 to find all the latest and greatest from Mercedes-Benz.




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