The + Impact Mercedes-Benz Has on our Planet

If you know anything about Mercedes-Benz you have probably noticed their sleek and elegant looks combined with incredible performance. This combination of performance and elegance is what the company was build on, but these are not the only things that have shaped the Mercedes-Benz brand. Us at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa, located at 2881 Corby Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407, would like to take a moment to share it with you..."it" being the brand's philanthropic and green spirit.

First, we'd like to introduce you to the Mercedes-Benz Think Green Team, a collective of eco-minded employees dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues as well as other philanthropic efforts.  Events hosted are aimed at helping fellow employees work toward and enjoy greener days now and in the future.

A more concrete example of Mercedes-Benz serving as a shepherd for the planet is the fact that they are the first green luxury dealership in the world to be U.S. Green Building Council-certified. Through tireless research, engineering and re-engineering, Mercedes-Benz has also launched the S400 HYBRID sedan and ML450 HYBRID SUV in 2009. Plus, a zero-emission fuel cell in 2010.

There's also the Mercedes-Benz C300, which with the Flexible Fuel Option, can be powered by a mixture of ethanol (renewable) and petrol. And, let us not forget BlueTEC Clean Diesel - what is perhaps, the Tri-Pointed Star's biggest claim to fame in the environmental arena.

Last, but certainly not least is Mercedes-Benz giving. In addition to sponsoring programs such as the Giving Tree and hosting coat and blanket drives, Mercedes-Benz USA has organized the Mercedes-Benz ShadeFund Entrepreneurs. The goal of the fund is to develop and support sustainability in the U.S. And, over the course of two years, Mercedes-Benz USA will select up to 12 small business owners with whom they'll invest. The qualifying characteristics, as outlined by Mercedes-Benz are  "... innovative, entreprenurial spirit...commitment to the environmental values and exceptional artisanship".1

We are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest with Mercedes-Benz. And remember, in addition to visiting us in person, you can always explore the eco-minded, new Mercedes-Benz models in our lineup, online.



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