Black Series C63 AMG From Mercedes-Benz

This past July, Mercedes-Benz raised the curtain on their fourth Black Series model - the C63 AMG Black Series Coupe.  That's nearly three months Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa has been wondering: Will they trick out the C63 AMG sedan with the same fixings?

While Mercedes-Benz has not yet officially confirmed the high-potency variant, recent spy shots document the sleek four-door cavorting around Nurburgring. And, reports suggest that the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series sedan touts the same 510-hp 6.2-liter V8 engine found in the C63 AMG Black Series Coupe. That represents a gain of 59-hp more than the 2012 standard C63 AMG sedan.

Together the V8 and four-mode, seven-speed tranny give the C63 AMG Black Series Coupe a 4.0-secod zero-to-60-mph acceleration time. The engine, compared to that offered in the current 2012 C63 AMG sedan, promises an extra 59 ponies of unbridled power. Among the other features the Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series sedan is expected to share with its confirmed Coupe counterpart are hyper-reactive brakes, a bigger oil cooler, and significantly enhanced suspension.

Of course, Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa will let you know if/when the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series sedan heads to production, as soon as the automaker unbuttons their tightly sealed lips. In the mean time, feel free to explore our extensive new Mercedes-Benz inventory (including new C-Class models) online, or in person at 2881 Corby Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407.


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